Whenever we come across historical abandoned places we always feel a conflict between being in awe of all the decay but deeply saddened by it as well…for instance, this old college that was founded in 1886 provided education for freed black women in Texas. According to our research, it started as a seminary school and then changed into a co-ed college before closing in 1972 due to legal and financial issues. Honestly, this place greatly moved us because clearly at some point this institution was such an important part of the community, but ended up in serious disrepair…and to see it in this state is definitely a bit difficult. Now based on a nearby sign there are plans to restore it and make it into a museum. We couldn’t find any further information online about it, but we do hope the restoration is successful because we think preservation of places like this is so very important!

Wonderful weekend to all, and be sure to check out our favorite links from the web this week!

  1. We’re both huge hockey fans which is why we find this photo capturing people playing hockey in an abandoned mine in Quebec so amazing! (photo via szetoszeto)

  2. They found an old ghost town in a lake in Nevada due to recent droughts…so interesting! (article via Huffington Post)

  3. This artist painted his dream American road trip…it’s an absolutely beautiful collection! (via Bored Panda)

Mary Allen College (front far)
Mary Allen College (front mid)
Mary Allen College (front close)
Mary Allen College (angle)
Mary Allen College (side far)
Mary Allen College (sign)