In our travels, we are constantly amazed by nature in the form of gorgeous landscapes such as this one of a farm in Utah with Zion National Park in the background! It literally took our breath away in all its beauty making it safe to say we were quite envious of these cows that call this place home. And we’re pretty sure they love living there because when we first encountered this farm, we saw one of them grazing on the other side of the fence near the road…it had apparently escaped. With neither one of us having skills in cattle herding, my husband just got out of the car and started photographing Zion. It didn’t seem like the cow really enjoyed the company because it then did the most curious thing…without hesitation, it crawled back under the fence to go back home as if it does this all the time. We’ve never seen a cow do that before…another point for nature!

Happy weekend to all! Hope you find some time to relax and check out our favorite links from the web this week…each one captures nature beautifully!

  1. My obsessions with weddings have come out again but just had to share with you these stunning pre-wedding photos by Gideon Photography which captures the gorgeous landscape of the Grafton, Utah ghost town that had the cemetery we featured this week!

  2. We are so mesmerized by these photos by Connor MacNeill that exemplifies the beauty of the desert sand that has overtaken this abandoned mining town! (article via Storehouse)

  3. We love Instagram and we love nature…so we definitely find this list of the very best nature accounts to follow to be awesome! (article via Huffington Post)

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